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About Us
About Us
About us

Shinwari is the Pashtun restaurant started by a tribe living in the northern areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan near the Khyber Pass. It is the tribe known for its original Pashtun foods admired by the masses throughout Pakistan.

Living in Landi Kotal region, Shinwari tribe straddles across the Durand line engaged in exchanging goods with Afghanistan and spreading the aroma of their tasty food throughout the two neighboring countries.

It had been quite a while since I last had an authentic Shinwari cuisine and to be honest I was craving for one, a friend suggested me this place. Although I told I him I don’t believe that it could be a real Shinwari, I visited the place and I’m so happy I was wrong. The taste, the flavor, the aroma was dreamlike and mouth-watering. I’m definitely visiting this place again.
Who are Shinwaris?

The major portion of the ethnic Pashtun tribe belonging to the eastern border of Afghanistan, and the adjoining areas of Pakistan came from regions between Landi Kotal (Pakistan) and Jalalabad (Afghanistan).

The Parwan province in Afghanistan has been their homeland, where they lived in Shinwari, Ghorband, and Jabalussaraj districts. The Shinwaris come from the Kasi tribe, and are further distributed into sub-tribes.

Shinwaris are typically merchants and businessmen. They are courageous, welcoming, robust and diligent. They are highly appreciated for their cultural lifestyle.

A great numbers of Shinwaris are also settled in Kohat (Jangal Khel) in Pakistan, which is 60 km south of Peshawar. This is where the restaurant presenting genuine Pashtun cuisine started off by the members of Shinwari tribe. Soon Shinwari Restaurant established itself in the hearts of people in Peshawar for its scrumptious taste.

However, with the increase in demand imposters surfaced using Shinwari’s name in their benefit but could not imitate the original taste of Shinwari food.

With its roasted kebabs, salty tikka, and juicy lamb chops etc. the aroma of Shinwari foods has captured the taste of many.

Our Shinwari chefs are experts at cooking lamb in its fat with only a few seasonings. They use original flavorsome recipes to prepare tikka from lamb meat skewered in metal sticks and cooked over coal, giving it a unique flavor.

The smell of Shinwari’s genuine Mutton Karahi and traditional Dumpukht makes the bystanders mouth watered and leaves the consumers finger licking. Our low spiced yet deliciously cooked food is hard of taste buds and easy of stomach!

Never go by without tasting Shinwari’s appetizing food.